About Us

Skymax Software Dev is the division of the company Skymax, we are a Technology Services Company recognized and established since 2005, dedicated to developing solutions utilizing the latest technological advances to develop and create an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use product for our customers. Our team is composed of experts in many coding languages and software platforms. We specialize in the development of strategies to improve the effectiveness of your brand and relationships with your customers through creative and innovative ideas.


In the development process of each project, the technical capacity as well as the guarantee of work and results, are very important for us, we guarantee satisfaction to all our projects. We provide our customers with staged test environments. Software is fully tested before it is released into a live environment. Our customers receive weekly status reports during this process.



This is the phase where we will meet. We will know the purpose of your project. Whether it’s a website, app video or digital campaign, we take care of it. The more we know each other, the better results we will get both to the delivery of your project.

Content and Prototype

Once we know your objective, we will proceed to visualize your project according to the required style, we will create a version with what you want the audience to feel after seeing it, after that we proceed with the content.

Visual design

This part is one of the most essential as this will be the first impression of your audience. Modern and functional designs are what characterize us. A project that looks good and fulfills its functionality will always maintain the satisfaction of its audience.


Once tested and optimized, the last step is the launch. After this, a good follow-up to the project and a report of everything achieved according to established.


Our main focus is to be the bridge that leads customers to the Web Page, social networks or e-mail of your company, for which we use all the tools available to enable us to position our customers in the first places of search within Of the search engines and place their graphic campaigns on the main pages of the region where you are interested in campaigning.


We want to understand and meet the needs of our customers and offer them the best solutions, facilitating a team of professionals as one more department of their own company.  Our values and work define us, so we act with the highest honesty and professionalism, working for projects and giving the best advantages in price / quality to all customers.